USB / MIDI Controllers

Stay in control!

Below are some great options suitable for any price range to help you quickly find a suitable controller. However, if you’re bamboozled by any of the terms or functions, check out this article on choosing the right MIDI controller for you.

Budget Options

Getting a cheap MIDI controller is the most practical choice if you are just trying your hand at making digital music. Since cheaper models come in compact sizes, they are portable and easy to carry around, letting you capture your ideas or even perform virtually anywhere. Click here for a round up of interfaces from €100 – €300 on Music Radar.

SIZE MATTERS: Note that most of these controllers come in a variety of sizes. The number that follows the model name (for example the Behringer UMA25) usually denotes the number of keys: 25, 46, 61 and 88 key models are standard.

Recommended mid-range controllers

The Novation Impulse 61 comes well recommended by Sound On Sound, and clocks in at around €350. Read this review to see what it’s all about, and click here to see current prices on Thomann.

Hammer Action / Fully Weighted Keyboards

You’ll need to fork out quite a bit more for a realistic feeling keyboard, but if your keyboard playing merits the extra cost, check out the Akai MPK88. It clocks in at around €740 here on Thomann, and you can read a good review here on Music Radar.