You can also draw notes manually instead of recording them in realtime.


  • Create a new MIDI region in the arrange view: Right click in an empty space of the track’s row in the arrange grid and select Create Empty MIDI Region.
  • Double click on the new region to view it in the Piano Roll.
  • Choose the pencil tool from the top right corner of the Piano Roll window
  • OR hit [Esc] then [2]
  • OR choose the pencil as the secondary tool, and hold the command key when you want to draw a note.
  • You can prelisten notes by clicking them on the keyboard to the left of the editing area
  • As you move the mouse around the Piano Roll, the info display above the note editing area will display the note name, bar and beat.
  • Try drawing the following notes into the grid, and don’t worry about note length or rhythm for now: A3 – C5 – D#4 – F2 – A#6