Audio and MIDI files appear in the arrange window as Regions. Regions in the Arrange Window can be moved around, resized, looped, chopped up or combined with other regions.


  • Chances are there’s going to be a little blank section at the start and end of your MIDI clip before and after your notes were recorded. It helps keep things tidy if you remove these sections either by bringing in the start and end points of the region, or by using the Split command..
  • You can resize regions by dragging the lower half of the region at its start and end points.
  • Dragging the end points in the upper half of the region edits region looping.
  • You can also split regions:
    Select the region you want to split
    Place the playhead over the point you want to split
    From the Regions dropdown menu in the Arrange window, select “Split regions by playhead” [\]