Creating Software Instruments


Logic allows you to record instruments and sounds from the real world using microphones and other input devices. However, the software also includes a huge library of Software Instruments (or MIDI Instruments) that can be played using an external MIDI controller, or using the computer keyboard when CAPS LOCK is turned on.

The Logic software instruments include Drum Machines (Ultrabeat), a variety of synthesizers (subtractive, modeling and frequency modulated), an organ (EVB3), an electric clav (EVD6), a vocoder (EVOC 20 PS), electric pianos (EVP 88) and a sampler (EXS24) which includes a huge range of sampled instruments.


We’re going to create a software instrument, try it out and then learn how to edit the settings of any software instrument.

  • MIDI Tracks are created in the same way as Audio Tracks.
  • Click the Add New Tracks button at the top left of the Arrange Window.
  • Select Software Instrument and click Create.
  • The Library Tab should appear on the right of the screen, allowing you to select an instrument from Logic’s extensive collection.
  • Alternatively, you can select instruments from the Input section of the Track Inspector.
  • You can call up the Library window at any time by clicking the media button in the tool bar at the top of the Arrange Window, then selecting the Library Tab.
  • Select Keyboards/Electric Pianos/Classic Wurlitzer 200A.
  • You can use your computer keyboard to input MIDI data in Logic. Hit the CAPS LOCK key to enable this function.
  • You can edit the Instrument Settings by double clicking on the instrument name in the Inspector (or the mixer)