Recording Audio


  • This section provides a guide to recording audio through a microphone. All we’re going to do is use your computer’s built in microphone to record a short sample of clapping.


  • Create a new audio track by clicking the New Track button at the top left of the Arrange Window.
  • Set the track tempo to 91bpm using the tempo display in the Transport Bar
  • Arm the track for recording by clicking the track’s R button in the Arrange Window.
  • Audio data is written to the Hard Disk as it is recorded. You will be prompted to select a location for this data to be recorded. Name the project “Week 1” and click Save.
  • Hit the Record Button [R] in the Transport Bar to begin recording. Try clapping along to the metronome for a few bars.
  • Hit the Stop Button [SPACE BAR] to finish recording.