Mairead Lyons OTW Splash 2

From as far back as she can remember, past DJ course student Mairéad Lyons (aka DJ Simone) has always revelled in working a room, getting people on the dance floor and keeping them there. At every party, every event and every opportunity, Mairéad was always the one searching through iPods, laptops and CD collections for just the right tune to keep the crowd buzzing and the night going, but it wasn’t until she DJ’d her best friend’s wedding in Myanmar that she really fell in love with seeing people react directly to the music she was spinning.

Following a stint in Madrid where she was introduced to DJing with vinyl, Mairéad returned to Dublin and signed up with Secret School of Sound to further her knowledge of the decks and help transfer her mixing skills to CDJs and Traktor. According to Mairéad, completing the course “really gave me the confidence to be an all round DJ from computer to vinyl”, and she has already begun playing internationally with gigs in Stockholm and Madrid! The next steps for Mairéad are building her vinyl collection (“all I need now is to win the Lotto”) and bringing DJ Simone to club stages. Check out the mix DJ Simone recorded in her final week at Secret School of Sound below: