Emma Bedford OTW Splash 2

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter Emma Bedford is on the up and up. The past Ableton Live student’s stunning voice and experimental folk stylings have earned her a coveted place at the Red Bull Music Academy 2012, but she hasn’t always been so comfortable in the limelight. It wasn’t until a year abroad in Australia that she broke through her shyness to perform: “I started playing gigs in Australia, mainly because I didn’t know anyone so I wasn’t afraid of people hearing my songs!”

Bedford (aka QuietDust) already brings guitar, ukelele and piano to her unprocessed, organic production style, but is always striving to add new instruments to the arsenal. Right now, she’s in the process of writing new songs, and is also eager to get deeper into the world of recording and experimenting further with Ableton Live. We’re looking to forward to hearing more from Emma, and you can check out her work below:


Emma Bedford on Soundcloud
Emma Bedford on 8Tracks.com