Conor McCauley OTW Splash

Past student of our Logic Pro course Conor McCauley began producing electronic music at just 14 years old, armed with nothing but a freeware sequencing program and his PC keyboard. Now a hardcore Logic Pro user, Conor has upped his game as well as his gear, and has honed his recording techniques to match.

His distinctive instrumental style exhibits ambient, house, Celtic and classical influences, while he cites Muse, MGMT and Hans Zimmer as some of his favourite artists. His chilled out tracks have been used in a variety of productions around the world from a school play in New Zealand, internet flash games to documentaries on schizophrenia (true story!). Conor’s passion for producing is tangible, and in his own words, “The music won’t stop until I do!” Check out his work with Logic Pro below:


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