Ableton Intermediate Producer Course

Course Outline

Ableton Live is about making music; for composition, songwriting, recording, production, remixing and live performance. If you’d rather be “making music” than just “using music software,” Ableton Live is for you. Check out the Ableton website for a full feature list and current product pricing.

Our 4 week Ableton Live Intermediate Producer Course will equip intermediate students with the skills needed to take their productions to the next level. After completing this course, you will leave with a portfolio of high quality original tracks, and the Secret Sound Intermediate Producer certificate of achievement.

About our intermediate program

This program is about taking your productions to the next level in Ableton Live, while going through the creative process of being an artist. We focus on developing your own sound through experimentation, and building an in-depth knowledge of intermediate level production tools, techniques and concepts. You will develop practical experience through a series of exercises designed to help you master the steps involved in producing your own music. You will be exposed to a variety of approaches to arrangement and composition, and ways of creating tension and drama in your music. For further details, click the What You’ll Learn tab above.

Please not that this is NOT a certificate issued by the manufacturers of this software but rather Secret Sound’s certificate acknowledging the successful completion of our intermediate level program.

What You’ll Learn

Ableton Live Level 5: Digging deeper with beats and rhythmic elements

Following on from our Producer Certificate course, we dig deeper into various methods of creating and manipulating rhythms using samples, drum racks and some of the awesome functionality of Ableton Live.

Lesson Topics

Building custom Drum Racks
The Slice to MIDI function
Converting drums to MIDI

Lesson Goal:
Expand your creative palette for rhythmic composition and experiment with new methods of beat making.

Ableton Live Level 6: Getting freaky with Frequencies

Explore the frequency domain, the physics and theory of sound, and how you can apply this knowledge to producing and mixing. We’ll discuss a number of functions of the equaliser, and how it can be applied in mix situations as well as creative scenarios.

Lesson Topics

EQ Functions
EQ Bands and the Frequency Spectrum
Cut Filters
Shelving Filters
Parametric Filters

Lesson Goal:
Develop an intimate understanding of the frequency domain and how it can be manipulated creatively and technically.

Ableton Live Level 7: Compressors, Gates and more Dynamics Processors

Explore dynamics processors and the concept of compression, while trying out some of its many uses. We’ll also look at Gates, both as a utility and as a creative effect.

Lesson Topics

Dynamics processors: an overview
Compressing vocals to smooth out levels
Sidechain Compression

Lesson Goal:
Learn to use dynamics processors to give your material a professional feel.

Ableton Live Level 8: EQ, the Harmonic Series and Vocoder

Explore the harmonic series and its relation to the science and art of equalisation. Get familiar with Ableton’s powerful FM synthesizer Operator, and try some awesome applications for Ableton’s Vocoder.

Lesson Topics

The Harmonic Series
Parametric EQ Revisited
Waveforms, Frequency and Timbre
Using Ableton’s Vocoder for classic Sounds

Lesson Goal:
Explore the fascinating world of harmonics, and discover how its manipulation can enhance your productions. Learn the ropes with Ableton’s Operator synthesizer, and work Ableton’s incredible vocoder into your productions for fantastic classic electronic sounds.

Course Package Includes:

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  • 8 hours of classroom tutoring, with 30 minutes before every class dedicated to helping students one-to-one with specific questions and issues.
  • Access to our online Ableton Live tutorial video series. Each week’s tutorials reflect the material we cover in class, so even if you didn’t quite catch something the first time around, you’ll never miss a beat with our tutorial videos.
  • Support outside of class hours: Students can schedule face-to-face online support with their tutor via Skype Screen Sharing. Screen sharing not only allows you to show the tutor exactly what you’re talking about, it allows us to demonstrate what needs to be done in real time.
  • Access to our online Q&A wall, where you can post your questions and have them answered by our practicing professionals. Every question stays up on the wall, so our database keeps growing as each questions is answered for all to see.
  • Valuable and transferable audio production skills with our weekly Mixing Techniques modules.
  • Weekly downloads including class notes, resources, FX banks and sample packs


Ross Fortune (BMus)

Profile shot of Ross Fortune

Ableton Live & Logic Pro Course Instructor
Ross has built up more than 8 years of experience teaching music and music technology at a number of schools, and now brings his expertise to our Ableton Live and Logic Pro courses. A multi-instrumentalist and honours graduate from the UCD School of Music, Ross is is a composer and audio designer for video games, film and advertising. You can hear his scoring work at his website, or check out the player below to hear tracks he has produced under the pseudonym Benny Smiles.

Student Testimonials

“Just completed the Ableton Live course. 10/10 to the lads, couldn’t of asked for more.
Well organized classes, very friendly and helpful, everything well explained and lots of attention to detail. The notes and videos were very effective – nice to be able to have a look back and jog your memory. Great Value for money. Thanks again guys!”
Padraig O’ Callaghan

A wonderful, exciting and simple step-by-step introduction into the world of home recording/producing. Loads of fun and worth every cent! Please sir, may I have some more?….
Adam Power

“The videos were great – very well punctuated and pragmatic, and the teacher was excellent. Very understanding towards students different learning levels and extremely accommodating/approachable.”
Tracy Tough