DJ Certificate Course 2

Course Outline

The Secret Sound DJ Certificate Program will equip students with the skills needed for DJing with vinyl, CDJs and laptop systems (see full tech spec below). You will cover not only the technical aspects of DJing, but also the art of flow and reading the audience, as well as valuable guidance on getting yourself out there, getting club gigs and getting heard by the right people. What’s more, for our Secret Sound Sessions we liaise directly with established promoters to showcase our top students live at a club night every ten weeks.

Our DJ Courses are held in our studio in Dublin city centre, and we provide all of the gear, so all you need to bring is your passion! No experience is necessary, and whether you want to learn how to DJ House, Soul, Breaks, Funk, Techno or any other type of music, we welcome all students of all ages.

You will leave the course with all the knowledge and skills you’ll need for any kind of hardware or software DJing, and your own demo mix recording which you can use to help secure professional DJ gigs.

Secret Sound Sessions

In conjunction with established promoters, we select our top students to DJ live at a venue in Dublin City every ten weeks. The venue and night is chosen depending on the style of the selected student. This is a great chance to play for an audience, demonstrate the skills learned on our course, and open the door to making further connections in the industry.

DJ Tech Spec

  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus
  • 2 x Technics 2010s MK5
  • Allen & Heath Xone Mixer
  • Traktor S2 mkII Controller
  • KRK Rokit monitors
  • Yamaha HS5 Monitors

About our certificate program

This program is about learning to DJ in a hands on environment. We focus on being creative rather than getting hung up on technical details, and developing your own sound through experimentation. You will learn the ins and outs of vinyl, CDJ and Traktor DJ software through a series of exercises designed to help you master the steps involved in putting together a set and developing your own style. You will be exposed to a variety of approaches to DJing, as well as methods of creating tension and release in your sets, and you will leave with your own recorded demo mix to help promote yourself and secure professional DJ gigs.

Please not that this is NOT a certificate issued by the manufacturers of the equipment or software but rather Secret Sound’s certificate acknowledging the successful completion of our personal enrichment program.

What You’ll Learn

Secret Sound DJ Level 1: Mixing Basics

Learn the fundamentals of DJing by becoming acquainted with the various pieces of equipment vital for any DJing setup. Learn how to blend two tracks together to transition seamlessly from record to record.

Lesson Topics

The DJ Mixer
Mixing tracks
Thinking in frequencies
Making room in the mix
Understanding Rhythm & Beats
Intro to Beatmatching

Lesson Goal:
Learn the fundamentals of DJing while getting to know the essential equipment in a DJ setup.

Secret Sound DJ Level 2: Software DJing with Traktor

Get comfortable with the decks as you begin to develop your mixing skills. Explore Traktor’s powerful software DJing environment.

Lesson Topics

The Traktor Interface
Housework: Organising your collection
Mixing in Traktor
Syncing, Phase Mixing and Beatmatching
Loop Recorder/Sampler
MIDI Setup
Beat Gridding

Lesson Goal:
Get hands on with software DJing and add the powerful features of Traktor to your skill set.

Secret Sound DJ Level 3: CDJs and further skills

Get to grips with Pioneer CDJs to integrate one of the most popular methods of DJing in to your sets.

Lesson Topics

Pioneer CDJ interface and features
Beatmatching: Cue and vinyl methods

Lesson Goal:
Add CDJs to your arsenal of skills to prepare for any club DJing environment.

Secret Sound DJ Level 4: Working with Vinyl

Explore the old-school world of vinyl on Technics 2010s and understand why so many DJs today still swear by this tried and tested format.

Lesson Topics

CDJ Recap
Turntable setup and calibration
Needles maintenance
Record maintenance
Beatmatching / Mixing vinyl

Lesson Goal:
Understand the mechanics of vinyl decks with Technics 2010s and build an appreciation for this time honoured DJ tool.

Secret Sound DJ Level 5: Record your own Demo Mix

Recap on all of the skills you’ve learned throughout the course, and cap it off by recording your own demo mix for promotion, securing gigs and more.

Lesson Topics

Course Recap
Promotional techniques
Demo mix recording

Lesson Goal:
Cement your knowledge of DJing with vinyl, CDJs and Traktor DJ software. Record your own demo mix to help secure your own DJ gigs and promote yourself online.

Alan Keane

Complete DJ Certificate Course Tutor
Dublin based artist/producer Alan Keane is the founder of vinyl label Indicate. An honours graduate of the Dublin Sound Training Centre and IADT, Alan is a veteran live performer and has appeared at countless club nights and festivals over the last decade.

Performing and producing under the alias Pusher since 2012, Alan has numerous releases under his belt and has secured their physical distribution worldwide.

Course Package Includes:

  • 10 hours of classroom tutoring with extra time before every class dedicated to helping students one-to-one with specific questions and issues.
  • Access to our online Q&A wall, where you can post your questions and have them answered by our practicing professionals. Every question stays up on the wall, so our database keeps growing as each questions is answered for all to see.
  • Weekly downloads including class notes, resources, FX banks and sample packs

Student Testimonials

“Great time, great craic, great people, great music – what more could you want for 5 weeks of music tuition. In fact I finished the course and ordered my setup right away! The tutor is a top bloke, no issues whatsoever, very engaging, assisted when needed and let us enjoy our course.”
John Turner

“Went into the course not even knowing the basics and finished with a confident knowledge of mixing and experience with decks. Great course for kickstarting your DJ life! Highly recommended.”
Roly Smithers

“Excellent. It wasn’t even like going to ‘class’ – it was more enjoyable! I found the tutor to be sound. He never made mixing boring and we all had a laugh as well which made us want to attend. He taught us well, was well spoken, clear and to the point when explaining how to use Traktor and answered all our questions. Always obliging to help during the course and after the course too. I would recommend Secret Sound to anyone who wants to start DJing. You will have a great experience and you will enjoy it throughout. “
Jason Molloy

“Really easygoing, realistic atmosphere to learn in, the kind of environment where you can have a laugh while learning at the same time. I was never afraid to ask a question.”
Amy Coyle

“This course happened to be the best thing I could have done at this moment in time. I learned all the key aspects of DJ’ing that I needed, thanks to the tutor, who was patient and explained things very well and gave me my own time to understand and get things, nothing was rushed or skipped. Thanks a lot to the Secret Sound guys, really nice fellas and made you want to come back week after week. 10/10 – best around in my opinion”
Liam Shannon

“Excellent course, very detailed and very reasonably priced. Great introduction to Djing and highly recommendable. Ideal times and sufficient hours to cover all topics included on the course. The tutor was brilliant, very encouraging and supportive in classes, and great for help and advice outside of the course.”
Vourneen Ryan

“Fresh and well taught course that gave me motivation and knowledge to do more and better. Very reasonably priced for the amount of hours and high level of knowledge of the tutors.”
Ann-Marie Murphy

“Classes were great and the tutor knows his biz. The course gives a great overview of the various methods of mixing and was perfect for me as I knew nothing about mixing before.”
Greg Ler