Monitor Speakers

Recommended: Yamaha HS50M / HS80M

If you need something that delivers plenty of level with a decent amount of bass to bring out those bass synths, bass guitars, and kick drums, then the Yamaha HS50M or the HS80M is going to be right up your street. The difference between the two models is that HS50M version has a 5″ speaker cone, while the HS80M has an 8″ cone. You can pick up a pair for around €300 / €500 respectively.

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Further Reading

Monitor speakers are a vital part of the recording and mixing chain. They affect nearly all the decisions we make when recording and mixing — yet most of us know very little about how they are designed, and why they sound the way they do.

The following articles are chosen to help you understand the importance of studio monitors, how they work, and finally, how to choose the right pair for your studio.

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