Logic Pro Intermediate Producer


Our 4 week Logic Pro Intermediate Course will equip intermediate students with further skills in recording music, working with MIDI and software instruments, using the sequencer, sampling, beat making, working with loops, audio editing, audio mixing, remixing, mastering, and music production with the Logic audio software suite.


Our Intermediate Logic Pro Course is perfect for students who have been using Logic for a while and are familiar with how the software works. Many of our students progress from our beginners course and move up to the intermediate level afterwards, but anyone is welcome to join either class.


Module 5: Advanced Techniques
  • Audio Effects (Intermediate)
  • Building Custom Drum Machines
  • Ultrabeat Power Tips
  • External Routing from the Ultrabeat Drum Machine
Module 6: Equalisers

Explore the frequency domain, the physics and theory of sound, and how you can apply this knowledge to producing and mixing. We’ll discuss a number of functions of the equaliser, and how it can be applied in mix situations as well as creative scenarios. Develop an intimate understanding of the frequency domain and how it can be manipulated creatively and technically.


  • EQ Functions
  • EQ Bands and the Frequency Spectrum
  • Masking
  • Cut Filters
  • Shelving Filters
  • Parametric Filters
Module 7: Dynamics Processors

Explore dynamics processors and the concept of compression, while trying out some of its many uses. We’ll also look at Gates, both as a utility and as a creative effect.


  • Dynamics processors: an overview
  • Compressing vocals to smooth out levels
  • Sidechain Compression
  • Gates
Module 8: Harmonic Distortion

Explore the harmonic series and its importance to the science and art of equalisation. Discover the power of harmonic distortion, and discover how its manipulation can enhance your productions. Go further with Logic’s powerful Sampler, and work the incredible vocoder included with the software into your productions for classic electronic sounds.


  • The Harmonic Series
  • Distortion
  • Parametric EQ Revisited
  • Waveforms, Frequency and Timbre
  • Vocoders and the Sampler


Alan Keane

Ableton Live - Music Production Course Tutor


Dublin based artist/producer Alan Keane is the founder of vinyl label Indicate. An honours graduate of the Dublin Sound Training Centre and IADT, Alan is a veteran live performer and has appeared at countless club nights and festivals over the last decade.



Performing and producing under the alias Pusher_(Indicate) since 2012, Alan has numerous releases under his belt and has secured their physical distribution worldwide.




“I have been meaning to dip my toe in the water of music production for years but never knew where to start. I eventually decided on a course in Logic Pro with Secret Sound and I’m glad to say that I made the right choice. Their introductory course was pitched exactly at my level (beginner) and I really benefitted from their low tutor/pupil ratio, which in my class was 1:2. This ensured that we both had the tutor’s undivided attention at all times, which was great.


Where Secret Sound really shines is in the obvious in-depth knowledge of its instructors – they really know their stuff and just as importantly, they explain the concepts in a simple and concise manner which is clear and easy to understand. They have just the right balance of theory training and practical exercises to keep things interesting. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and they create a great learning atmosphere by checking regularly that you understand before moving on, and asking questions is always encouraged, which is great to see.


So what did I get from the course? It gave me a firm grasp of the basic fundamentals of music production using Logic Pro, so job done! I would recommend Secret Sound to anyone who wants to get started in music production or DJing. They’re reasonably priced, they know their stuff and they are good at sharing their knowledge with others – what more could you ask for? I’ll definitely be back for another course.”
Austin Molloy


“I felt the course was great value for money, and I can honestly say that my skill set and understanding of Logic studio has dramatically increased. I was particularly impressed with my tutor, who made understanding the course content easy, and the lengths he went to delivering the content, whether it was part of the course for that evening or an on-the-spot question which usually had nothing to do with that evening’s schedule. I really enjoyed my time at the school and I will definitely recommend it to anybody who wishes to learn or further their music tech education.”
Aaron Smyth


“I would highly recommend Secret Sound to anyone who wants to know how to use music software. A lot of courses these days can be a bit all over the place, but Secret Sound is run very well and professionally. Ross knows his software very well. 10/10”
Max Macken


Course Package Includes:

  • 8 hours of classroom tutoring, with 30 minutes before every class dedicated to helping students one-to-one with specific questions and issues.
  • Access to our online Ableton Live tutorial video series. Each week’s tutorials reflect the material we cover in class, so even if you didn’t quite catch something the first time around, you’ll never miss a beat with our tutorial videos.
  • Support outside of class hours: Students can schedule face-to-face online support with their tutor via Skype Screen Sharing. Screen sharing not only allows you to show the tutor exactly what you’re talking about, it allows us to demonstrate what needs to be done in real time.
  • Access to our online Q&A wall, where you can post your questions and have them answered by our practicing professionals. Every question stays up on the wall, so our database keeps growing as each questions is answered for all to see.
  • Valuable and transferable audio production skills with our weekly Mixing Techniques modules.
  • Weekly downloads including class notes, resources, FX banks and sample packs


Our Logic Beginners Course covers the basics of using the software and getting started in music production with Logic. Our beginners course is perfect for students who are eager to get into music production, but have little or no experience with the software.


If you’re not certain which class is right for you, please use our checklist below to find the best fit. If most of these statements are true for you, it sounds like you’re ready for our intermediate course. If most of the statements do not apply to you, then you’ll probably be right at home in our Logic Beginners Course.


  • I have been working with Logic for a while and I am familiar with how the software works
  • I know how to record audio in Logic
  • I know how to add software instruments and work with MIDI regions
  • I know how to add audio effects and inserts
  • I am familiar with the basic mixer controls (faders, pan pots etc.)
  • I am familiar with the time stretching function of Logic Pro
  • I have been introduced to equalizers and filters


€200 (Cash, cheque or bank transfer accepted)
Students are required to pay a €50 deposit to secure their place on this course, which will then be deducted from their remaining balance. Balance should paid in full on or before the night of the first class unless a payment plan has been arranged.


4 weeks (4 x 2 hour sessions)
Monday evenings 7-9pm for four weeks


What You Need:
A Mac laptop computer to bring to class
Logic Pro X installed and running
A pair of headphones


10% Student & Unemployed Discount applicable


ENROLLING NOW (max 4 students)